February 2014

How to setup passwordless ssh

This article will explain a way to connect to remote machines without a password.

Note to Windows users: Since this applies to Linux machines you will have to log in with putty to quantum, and set up the passowordless ssh to remote machines from there. This may seem impractical, but it's actually a required step for sshfs (to be covered in the next article).

How to mount a remote filesystem

As stated earlier this applies to Linux users, if you use Windows, you can log into quantum and follow this tutorial from there.

sshfs will mount a remote file system to a directory on your local machine, this wall you don't need to log in to that machine and you local machine "sees" you remote files as local.


Using the NRLMOL repository

In order to obtain a copy of NRLMOL from the repository you must follow this instructions: