May 2015

Creating multiplots with Gnuplot

To create a multiplot using Gnuplot try this sample script, you can modify it to fit your needs.

Obtaining code from the git repository

In order to obtain a copy of the codes available from the repository follow these steps:

Fatemeh wins PREM achievement award

PREM award

Lab member Fatemeh Amerikheirabadi was awarded an achievement award from the Partnerships Research Education Materials for her publication of her paper: "The electronic structure and charge transfer excited states of the endohedral trimetalic nitiride C60 (Ih) fullerenes-Zn-tetraphenyl porphyrin dyads" published in Physical Chemistry, 17, 5832-5839, 2015

Congratulations Fatemeh!!!

Nabil obtains his Master's degree

Lab member Nabil Hoque obtains his Master's degree in Physics.

Congratularions Nabil!!!