Obtaining code from the git repository

In order to obtain a copy of the codes available from the repository follow these steps:

  1. This first step is optional, I just follow it for commonality (having the codes in a single directory). In your home directory create a directory called "git" , you can acutally call it whatever you want ("codes" is another preferable name), it just tells you where the codes you checkout from the repository will be located, you can checkout copies in any directory you want (and will quickly lose track of where it is), so it is always preferable keep them in a single place.
  2. Run the command git clone dist@quantum.utep.edu:nrlmol.git this connects to the user account called dist in our server quantum.utep.edu and gets the code contained in the repository called nrlmol.git.
  3. It will ask for the password for that account.

Once this finishes, You should have a directory called nrlmol that will contain the latest copy of NRLMOL.
Now you have to modify the file called Makefile to adjust it to the system where you will be running the code, the options to modify are:

  1. Compilers
  2. Compiler flags
  3. Compiling rules
  4. Linking options

Once you modify it, you just need to execute the command make to compile and build the executable.
To obtain the latest copy of the gui, execute: git clone dist@quantum.utep.edu:gui.git which "clones" into a directory called gui containing a single file with the extension .jar
You run this file with java -jar Filename.jar where Filename is the name of the .jar file.