FLOSIC Software Development

Our research group develops simulation software that can run FLOSIC calculations in Density Functional Theory. FLOSIC (Fermi-Löwdin-orbital Self-Interaction Correction) is Fermi orbital based formalism of computing self-interaction corrections in the electronic structures.

FLOSIC versions:
v15.09: Initial project code
v0.1: Group parallelization
v0.1.1: FLOSIC-PBE
v0.2: All functionalities from v0.1.x merged together

Project members:
University of Texas at El Paso
Prof. Tunna Baruah
Prof. Rajendra Zope
Dr. Luis Basurto
Yoh Yamamoto
Carlos Diaz
Sharmin Akter
Shamsul Alam

Central Michigan University
Prof. Alan Jackson
Prof. Juan Peralta
Dr. Kai Trepte
Kushantha Withanage

Temple University
Prof. John Perdew
Prof. Adrienn Ruzsinszky
Dr. Hemanadhan Myneni
Kamal Wagle

University of Pittsburgh
Prof. Karl Johnson
Dr. Lin Li

University of Florida