FLOSIC Software Development

The FLOSIC Center is one of several Computational Chemical Sciences Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Energy in September 2017. FLOSIC (Fermi-Löwdin-orbital self-interaction correction) is Fermi orbital based formalism of computing self-interaction corrections in the electronic structures. Our research group develops simulation software that can run FLOSIC calculations in Density Functional Theory.

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Code documentation
FLOSIC code tutorial and documentation:Click here to download.
Documentation uploaded on 10/6/19.

FLOSIC versions:
v15.09: Initial project code
v0.1: Group parallelization
v0.1.1: FLOSIC-PBE
v0.2: All functionalities from v0.1.x merged together
v0.3: Underpreparation (includes scaled-SIC methods, r2SCAN, libxc5 interface, etc.)