Plot of Fermi orbitals and Fermi Lowdin orbitals

There has been questions about how different are Fermi orbitals (FO) from Fermi Lowdin orbitals (FLO).

In this short article, it is presented CuO- orbitals for FOs and FLOs, as well as its Fermi orbital descriptors (FODs).

CuO- has been energy optimized through FOD geometry optimization and orbitals have been plotted with isovalue 0.005 in jmol.

Energy optimized FODs of CuO-.

Orbital 1 FLO and FO

Orbital1 FLO
Orbital1 FO

Orbital 2 FLO and FO

Orbital2 FLO
Orbital2 FO

Orbital 3 FLO and FO

Orbital3 FLO
Orbital3 FO

Orbital 4 FLO and FO

Orbital4 FLO
Orbital4 FO

Orbital 5 FLO and FO

Orbital5 FLO
Orbital5 FO

Orbital 6 FLO and FO

Orbital6 FLO
Orbital6 FO

Orbital 7 FLO and FO

Orbital7 FLO
Orbital7 FO

Orbital 8 FLO and FO

Orbital8 FLO
Orbital8 FO

Orbital 9 FLO and FO

Orbital9 FLO
Orbital9 FO

Orbital 10 FLO and FO

Orbital10 FLO
Orbital10 FO

Orbital 11 FLO and FO

Orbital11 FLO
Orbital11 FO

Orbital 12 FLO and FO

Orbital12 FLO
Orbital12 FO

Orbital 13 FLO and FO

Orbital13 FLO
Orbital13 FO

Orbital 14 FLO and FO

Orbital14 FLO
Orbital14 FO

Orbital 15 FLO and FO

Orbital15 FLO
Orbital15 FO

Orbital 16 FLO and FO

Orbital16 FLO
Orbital16 FO

Orbital 17 FLO and FO

Orbital17 FLO
Orbital17 FO

Orbital 18 FLO and FO

Orbital18 FLO
Orbital18 FO

Orbital 19 FLO and FO

Orbital19 FLO
Orbital19 FO