Electronic structure group in the APS March meeting

APS poster session

The electronic structure group attended the APS March meeting in Baltimore Maryland from March 19 to March 22.

Five oral presentations were given, representing the group's ongoing research projects:

  1. Charge transfer excitations in water-soluble sulfonated zinc-phthalocyanine (ZnPcS) donor molecules coupled to C60.
  2. Endohedral fullerene as acceptor: A DFT study on charge transfer states of Sc3N@C80-porphyrin complex.
  3. Effect of geometrical orientation on the charge transfer energetics of supramolecular (tetraphenyl)-porphyrin/fullerens dyads.
  4. Electronic structure and charge transfer states of a multi-chromophoric heptad antenna.
  5. The effect of structural conformations and solvent effects in a light-harvesting Carotenoid-diaryl-Porphyrin-C60 (CPC60) molecular triad on the charge transfer excitation energies.

Pictured with the attendees here is Dr. Zope's PhD advisor: Dr. Rajeev Parthak.