Using the NRLMOL repository

In order to obtain a copy of NRLMOL from the repository you must follow this instructions:

  1. In a teriminal window, position yourself where the code will be checked out from the repository (the directory that contains the code will be generated automatically).
  2. Enter the command:
    svn co svn+ssh://
    Use the command:
    svn co svn+ssh://
    to get the NRLMOL gui
  3. Enter the password for user in (It will ask for it twice).
  4. This should copy the latest code from the repository into a directory called nrlmol (or gui).
  5. You may now compile the code by calling:
    (changes may be needed in the Makefile). Since this only checks out the source code, there's no need to initially call:
    make clean
  • Whenever changes in the code are done, the files in the repository modified, so you need to update your code, you do this by executing:
    svn update
    This updates your code to the lastest version in the repository.
  • If you want to see the change log for the code execute:
    svn log
  • To check the files you may have modified execute:
    svn status
    Which would confirm if you are using the same code as in the repository
  • You can also modify the source code and submit the canges to the repository by executing:
    svn commit -m"message"
    Where message is a text message of what changes you did (this will be kept in the change log).
    Get approval for the submission from Dr Zope or Dr. Baruah!