How to mount a remote filesystem

As stated earlier this applies to Linux users, if you use Windows, you can log into quantum and follow this tutorial from there.

sshfs will mount a remote file system to a directory on your local machine, this wall you don't need to log in to that machine and you local machine "sees" you remote files as local.

Let's say I want to mount my directory on HPC to my local machine, first I will need to create a local directory where the remote directory will be mounted on.
So I do this command in my home directory:
mkdir hpc_disk
this creates a directory called hpc_disk
If I cd in this directory and do pwd I should see:
Going back to my home directory cd ..
I issue the command:
sshfs /home/lbasurto/hpc_disk
This will prompt me for my password on HPC (only if you have not set passwordless sss) and mount the filesystem.

Once you are done you can unmount it with:
fusermount -u /home/lbasurto/hpc_disk